Thursday, May 8, 2008

I started the week really looking forward to a week of nothing, but ended up with a week of lots of activities, fun, stress, and cake (pictures in a few days)
Just a quick run down, Nolan got his first bee sting (pictures to follow) Heather and I made cupcakes, I am currently getting ready for a cake to be made tomorrow, James is working out like its going out of style (he sure is looking good!!) and I had my first school Mother's Day brunch (video to follow) We spent a lot of time outside and went to the park a few times which were a lot of fun and I am so happy that Nolan is finally at an age that I can let him run and I don't have to be right behind him every step (like last summer)

Here are few pics from the past week and 2 videos that are hilarious that I wanted to share :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Mother's Day!

Nolan's finger after being stung by a bee for the first time. It was a little nerve racking but then it was so cute since he is just in love with bees and couldn't believe that his dear friend would cause him pain. His finger swelled up like a sausage and after he calmed down he immediately went back outside to find his buzzing friends :)

Nolan and Gabe actually being loving to each other, even though Gabe has quite the grip on Nolan's neck. At the Mother's Day Brunch
Gabe just being a goof.

Mothers Day Brunch 2008

Nolan was trying to say hi to a neighbor outside who was mowing their lawn so they didn't hear him being so polite and greeting him with a warm hello


Blogger Heather said...

Gabe was cute, I felt sad that he fell!

May 9, 2008 at 8:23 AM  

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