Tuesday, May 10, 2011

October 2010

**After 6 months off, I finally have my blog itch back and I am going to try to revive this little blog o mine...one month at a time.**
Getaway 2010:

James and I were blessed to be able to get out of town without the boys (thank you so much Judy!!) We spent part of our time in New York City, eating at local delis, riding the subway, walking till our muscles wouldn't let us walk one more step (this really happened and it hurt!), sight seeing, and enjoying every minute....in a New York minute.

Successful 1st ride on the subway, we were old pros by the time we left

The feeling....was amazing, Ground zero

The rest of the trip was spent in Washington DC taking in history, enjoying seeing some family, playing some games of 5 crowns, and trying to enjoy every second before we had to head back to parental duties.

Gettysburg...actually one of our favorite places, had a great guide (James Uncle)

Halloween 2010:
Gabe and Nolan had decided early in the year that they were going to be Mario and Luigi for Halloween.  Last minute, Gabe heard on the bus that the scarier the costume, the more candy you get.....which then led to Zombie Mario...it didn't result in more candy, but it did make for some good laughs and some good memories.


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