Sunday, June 1, 2008

week in review

A new picture of Gabe and I
So as always. We have had a busy busy week. I spent last week cleaning and then cleaning some more.
Unfortunately this was James' "long week" meaning he had to work Monday Tuesday and had Wednesday and Thursday off and then had to work Friday Saturday and Sunday. We missed him a lot this week and weekend. We tried to fill it up as best we could and wish he could have been there!
We had a good Memorial day, we went to my parents where they grilled and we had some great food.
Tuesday was pretty laid back (I actually can't remember what we did!!) But I do know I did most of my cleaning that day :)
Wednesday we grocery shopped and tried out some new recipes.
Thursday Heather and I talked to the girl we are making a wedding cake for. She is so cute and she has great taste in cake (she picked my favorite) We are excited to make it. Then we played some Mario Kart. James also put some great steaks on the was a pretty darn good day
Friday, Gabe had a play date with a friend from school, we went to the park and played and had lunch. Then we went and got a SLIP AND SLIDE (WOO WOO).....of course James and I had to show Gabe and Nolan how to use it and even put some dish soap on it to make even was fun.......but I am soooo sore! My abs don't feel so great! lol.
Gabe going down the slip and slide...he hates water in his face and freaks out if it gets in his eyes, so he would only go on his knees.
On Saturday we had a lot of fun!! Gabe, Nolan and I met my dad and my niece Tyler at the park to play and go swimming. My dad usually just picks Gabe up and takes Gabe and Tyler for the day to a couple of parks and then to lunch, well I thought since I didn't have much going on that I would just meet them and let Nolan experience the park with Gabe and Tyler. Nolan had a BLAST!
This picture is great for a few reasons.
1. Gabe's headlock on Nolan
2.The random boy in the background thinking I am taking a picture of him
3. I love seeing my dad with the kids having a good time
Gabe was so busy trying to get off the slide, he would use his feet to get Nolan out of the way.

We went to the little pool there that doesn't go deeper than your knees. There was no one there at all, so it was really nice. Nolan wasn't too impressed at first and spent most of the time walking around eating the SPUDNUT doughnut (my favorite) that my dad picked up on the way.

Finally by the end he liked going in the pool and stepping on the fish.

Gabe and Tyler jumping in. I brought the life vest for Nolan to wear but as I wrote earlier....GABE HATES WATER. He pretends he loves to swim and play in the pool....but he WILL NOT get any water in his face.

My dad in a water fight with Tyler and Gabe....Gabe was not too happy with Grandpa when he got water in his face.

Tyler attempted to teach Gabe how to swim, she even tried to teach him how to kick off of the wall.....Gabe wouldn't let the water go anywhere above his waist, it was so funny, he thought he was actually swimming.

Later Saturday we made Pinatas (or "yadas" as Gabe calls them) since Gabe is always in awe of them at Winco and wanted to have a fiesta ( or "yesta" as Gabe calls it) So we made three, one for Nolan, one for Gabe and one for Tyler.

We played a lot out side while waiting for the pinatas to dry.

Later that night we painted the pinatas.

Sunday was a good day. I don't like going to church by myself, but it is getting easier. The only thing that makes me anxious is the getting ready and prepared. Today the boys were great helps and did what I asked of them. When we got to church the boys did wonderful, the boys folded their arms during prayers and didn't fight over snacks like they usually do. Today I walked Nolan in to Nursery and he walked right in, sat down and didn't care if I stayed or left. He has been having a hard time lately with Nursery and would not stay in there at all. Today was great, I was able to go to Gospel Doctrine and then actually be able to go to Relief Society and stay the whole time! Did I mention it was a good day? :)

After naps, Gabe Nolan and I went to my parents house for Sunday dinner. We took our pinatas over and my dad made tacos and tostadas and I made some Spanish rice. After dinner we went out back and cracked open the pinatas. It was a lot of fun and I am glad Gabe wanted to do it and let us all have some fun.

Gabe with the bottom part of Tyler's pinata on his head as a helmet and swinging away at his pinata.

Nolan enjoying his treats that fell out of his pinata.

Tyler and Gabe with their "helmets" on

Gabe showing me how happy he was with his candy...(looks kinda painful, huh?)
Have a wonderful week!!


Blogger The Price Family said...

Thats funny that Gabe doesn't like water in his face. I thought I was the only one who had a boy that didn't like water in his face. I mean Trey freaks out in the bath tub if Jackson splashes! You are so creative, what a wonderful mom.

June 2, 2008 at 12:39 PM  
Blogger Reba said...

I love the pinatas for the fiesta, such a fun idea!

June 2, 2008 at 9:40 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

sounds like a fun week! the video of the pool brings back memories of swimming there as a kid. weird. :)

June 3, 2008 at 1:50 PM  
Blogger Ms. Kristen said...

Wow what a busy fun week...and to top it off you are making cakes for everyone! You are amazing!

June 4, 2008 at 8:15 AM  

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