Tuesday, August 19, 2008

how many times.

0- times Nolan got up last night since it was his first night in his big boy bed. A surprise to us, we weren't planning it for another month, but he was determined to sleep in it last night!

7- times Gabe got up because he was sick with a mystery virus and gagging and crying and his throat hurt. All of this before midnight.

3-times James got up with me to help with Gabe even though he had to work the next morning...thanks James :)

1- time I kicked a plastic bowling pin with my pinky toe, on my way to Gabe's room, I thought I may say some not so nice words.....I may have, it was the middle of the night and don't recall much.

20- things I had to wash by hand because they wouldn't fit in the dishwasher...how do we have that many dirty dishes?! One of my least favorite things to do....ugh.

45- minutes I got to talk to an old friend on the phone. Deanna was the one who let me take the discussions at her house. I should talk to her more often, it has been 2 years! Can't wait to meet up with her for lunch (wanna come Tara?!)

2- number of brownies I ate yesterday and then felt guilty, I threw the other two away.

5- days till Heather and my next wedding cake! It is going to be super super cute and fun, can't wait!!!

3- favorite toys that Gabe had to pose with for the next picture. It was all his idea, he set them up and yelled for me to get the camera.


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