Tuesday, August 19, 2008

we are back

We are back!!

We took our summer trip for the year to Portland. I loved every minute of it even though we had our rough moments.

1st day, we drove to Erin and Matt's and enjoyed a game of cards while the boys came out of the room over 20 times! what were we thinking not bringing a pack and play for nolan?!?

2nd day, we went to to Lincoln city (after reading some blogs, it seems that we were there at the same time as others!) we enjoyed the cold weather, the boys loved rolling in the sand and playing in the water. I enjoyed the shopping and the beautiful drive back.

3rd day, we went to the zoo. The dinosaur exhibit was there and Gabe HAD to go. It was so funny because he wouldn't turn his back to the dinos. It was hard to take a picture of him because of this because he would always make sure he had an eye on them, he thought they would get him. He did actually love it, and as disappointed to leave. Nolan loved it too and I was so happy at how well he did, his favorite were the zebras I think.

4th and 5th day were laid back with swimming, feeding horses and jumping on the trampoline at Rachel and Mikes. With the 105 heat, we were too motivated to do too much!

Here are the pictures
Gabe at the beach

Finally a somewhat good picture of the two of us

Why didn't I put my hood down? Doesn't matter, the boys werent looking anyways

James and his little bro Matt

Gabe was showing his enjoyment in the car ride, while Matt had to lay down in the back seat so he wouldn't get sick

At the zoo, Gabe was so funny, he was ready to take off running if they came after him.
This one was so darn cool, the TRex was full size (some were only half size) and it looked so life like. The roar was very loud, but it was all of our favorites in the end
Nolan was in awe with the sea lionsAt TGIFridays
Nolans sleeping position in the morning
The face we saw too much of from Nolan. With only 15 minutes naps, and staying up too late, we had a lot of crying and screaming.

But nothing that a yummy freezer burned Popsicle wouldn't fix! lol.

Ended the trip on a good note, Nolan's highlight was the horses and feeding them. Well we are back now and enjoyed our time.

We were happy to get home, until our first night back when Gabe got really sick with a mystery virus and now we are dealing with that.

James and I are going back to go see Jack Johnson later this week in good ol Scappoose. I love it over there.


Blogger Heather said...

Yeah, you can love it, but just don't move there.....

August 19, 2008 at 9:07 AM  
Anonymous randi said...

So Katie,

Why didn't you fix Danika up with Jame's younger brother? They would have been cute together! :)

Danika is gonna kill me if she sees this comment! HAHAHA!

August 19, 2008 at 1:50 PM  

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