Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer days

We have been pretty darn busy the past few weeks. James prepared and tested for the Richland Police Department, he did really well and now it is just a waiting game for the next time they decide to hire. I am so proud of him and impressed at how well he has done and how well he is doing with his working out and healthy I have to just take some notes from him and maybe I can lose this last 15 pounds of baby weight a year and a half later :) We also celebrated James' 27th Birthday on the 28th. We had just family come over and enjoyed the evening together.

Gabe helping out in yard

Blowing out candles
Nolan hasn't gotten stung again, but he is still being a very very trying child (especially for me) Everyday right now is somewhat of a battle between me and him. I know it is mostly because he is turning 2 and wants to do more than he is capable right now. Ugh, but those baby blue eyes are sooo hard to say no to!! :)

Nolan outside

Nolan and Grandpa

Gabe is loving spending time outside and has seen his share of movies this past 3 weeks or so. He is so darn tan, there is no way I could get that sun-kissed glow that he has. After going to hawaii, Gabe was already tanner than I was!

The difference in our arms. He is actually tanner now.

Gabe and his new friend.

I have been pretty busy lately, a couple pretty easy cakes, an Enrichment night, and a lesson for Relief Society, and a girls trip to Spokane with my two best friends to see another friend get married is what filled my last 3 weeks. Everything seems to be going by so darn fast! I almost feel I cannot keep up!

Tara and Erin. Aren't they beautiful?! I love this picture.

Tara and I waiting for Linda. Linda's wedding was SO BEAUTIFUL! She looks gorgeous and we had a blast. We unfortunately had to leave early to drive home.

4th of July was a great evening. After going to some friends house for a great dinner and company we came home set up our new tent in our front room (it was very windy outside) and then packed the boys up and headed to watch the fireworks with Tara, Robbie and Meagan and their 3 boys at the Pasco soccer fields. The boys loved them and were totally impressed. Gabe on the way got so excited and was running too fast and got a skinned knee and a bloody nose. The boys fell asleep on the way home (only a 3 or 4 mile drive that took 45 minutes) Gabe slept in the tent wrapped up in all of the blankets from around the house.

I think one of the only good photos from the whole night. Waiting for the fireworks to begin
On our way home from the fireworks
The week to come is going to be exciting. We are preparing for our very first family camping trip. Gabe is very excited and will tell everyone he comes in contact with that he has a tent and that we are going camping. I am also finally trying to fill the front room. It has been bare for the past year and I am finally sick of seeing a completely empty room. I am going to go out this next week to find a sofa, a hutch, some fun chairs, some new pictures of the Prophet and I have been eyeing this one picture of Jesus. So if anyone knows of anywhere that is selling any of these things on sale, please let me know!! :)


Blogger Megan said...

hey, i never did lose the last 10 and now here comes no. 3. oh well, better luck next time! Right?!
great photos, fun summer

July 11, 2008 at 11:26 PM  
Blogger lindsay>boo said...

Looks like you've been up to lots of fun things!

July 12, 2008 at 1:02 PM  

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