Sunday, February 22, 2009

The one and only Tara

Happy Birthday TARA!!!I hope you have a great one tomorrow (Wednesday) and we will go out when I get home!
Enjoy your cake :)

I love my best friend Tara, she has been there for just about everything important in my life so far. An example? :

She was there during the hardest times in high know the peer pressure, boy problems part of high school you just want to forget? She was always there to listen and let me cry.
(We always stood by each other when cheering)

Go Bombers!

She was there and the main influence when i joined The Church of Latter Day Saints. Every step of the way she was there, took me to church, introduced me to the missionaries answered my questions... and she hasn't left my side since. Her and her family had a huge impact on me. I am blessed everyday because of the friend/missionary she was during that time of my life. Thank you Tara!
(On our "Senior Trip" to much fun!)
She was my bridesmaid at my wedding, she made the trek back from Rexburg just to come and support me at the temple.
(Tara is 2nd on the left)

She has been there during the labor of each of my babies.....Tara, didn't you eat lunch while I was contracting with Nolan?? lol....
(Tara, why don't I have any pictures of you with my kids!??!)

She takes random trips with me without asking questions and makes it one of the most fun trips I have ever taken.
(Us in Hawaii last year...this was day one and we were already fried)
Some of the other reasons I love Tara:
She is one of the best Aunt Taras ever
She is hilarious
She has the best listening ear
She has a great memory and often puts me to shame
She is going to be the BEST mommy
She loves Broccoli
She is such a wonderful example to everyone
She loves all of her friends
She looks out for my well being and tries to get me to eat veggies like Tomatoes
and she is a great wife to Jason

Have a wonderful Birthday Tara! I wish someday I could become as great of a friend that you have been to me. Thank you!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gabe's version of T.I.'s song "Whatever you like"

(The beginning is a bit crackly)
"You can have whatever you like, like, you can have what ever you like, like.
Church is so special and nice, nice
You can have whatever you like, like you can have whatever you like, like.

**As you can see that Gabe can take songs and turn them into primary songs in a second. :)**

By the way, Gabe gets the little bit of gangster from his dad.

what is he doing?!

7 days in a week.
7 pairs of size 5-6 pants
1 very very active boy
4 months of being worn once or twice a week
4 pairs going in the garbage
1 pair being salvaged
2 pairs of survivors that unfortunately are actually too small for him
What is this kid doing?? within only 2 weeks 5 pairs of Gabe's pants have holes in them!! and you wanna know what is even weirder? they are all in the right knee.

So now in the month of February, only one more month to be wearing jeans hopefully, I have to go to the store and buy some pairs of jeans for gabe to wear for barely no time at all!! I went shopping one day for pants for him....but the only size they had were 10husky. That is NOT going to work.

I can't find pants anywhere that aren't an arm and a leg......all I have to say is "ugh"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Gabes cake

Gabe is all boy. It was no surprise when he asked for an Army birthday party. James also loves anything military and works with a lot of guys who have served our country. So James was so happy when Gabe named his choice of theme for his 5th birthday party (what?? how did he turn 5?!?!)
James got right online to look up some of his favorite tanks, so I could make a "tank cake"
And this is what we came up is called a Bradley fighting vehicle.
Gabe loves it....James loves it.....and I think it turned out pretty darn good!
**The banner on the front of the tank is from a marine corps battalion that his friend served in**