Monday, November 2, 2009

ups and downs

This weekend.....I feel like this..............
A little bit of a Debbie Downer....
**Just read on while the commercial plays**

So here are the ups and downs of the last week to the upcoming week

Camera broke- I had the kids looking all nice for the pumpkin patch a couple weeks ago and when I went to turn on the was broken

Swine flu- don't get me I seem to be the only one so far in the household to get it...but then again, we think Gabe had it a week ago but didn't seem to get it very bad since he had the flu vaccine.  I was in tears all day Sunday.  I am feeling a "bit" better today, enough to get out of bed for a bit.

Gabe missed his Primary Program- He practiced and practiced and we all had our part down (our family was asked to talk about the priesthood in the home) And the day before he came down with a  fever, lost his voice and was out of it.  Poor boy, we still haven't told him that we missed it.

I missed Halloween-  I find a lot of joy in walking around the neighborhood with the family, but this year I was curled up in a ball feeling like somebody hit me with a bat over and over.  And also, since we don't have a camera, we are going to have to recreate Halloween once it gets fixed.

I missed my lesson at church-  I am one who gets really nervous to teach, my last lesson went really well a couple months ago and I was looking forward to teaching yesterday, I had my lesson ready and kept working on it even though I knew something didn't feel right.  I feel awful for missing it, it was over Elder Hollands talk from General Conference on bearing your testimony of the Book of Mormon...what an amazing topic....And I feel I had so much to testify from my own personal experiences of the Book of Mormon with the sisters. Ugh...still a little upset over this one.

Nolan likes money- He swallowed a penny a couple days ago while wrestling with James....we had no idea he even had it.  So we weren't sure to even be looking for anything or not.  He will not wear a diaper AT ALL, so that was out of the question for just waiting for it to come out in his diaper.  He will not let us near him when he is doing his business in the bathroom either, so we just hoped for the best I guess.  And finally on Friday it turned up in the bottom of the toilet. 


No cakes- don't get me wrong, I love doing cakes.  I find it to be a great stress reliever when I am in the zone working on a cake.  But I don't have any coming up any time soon and I feel I can take a deep breath and relax for a minute.

Upcoming Enrichment- I am looking forward to our next Enrichment that we are calling "Women who Create" we are spotlighting all of the women in our ward and celebrating who we are and our talents.  The committee is definitely being guided by the spirit and I know this is going to be a very uplifting evening.

Mother and Father in law coming in town for a weekend-  It is only a weekend, but we miss them so much, including the boys.  They just moved to Utah from living right around the corner from more taking a quick walk to see them, no more soda runs, no more back alley we are really looking forward to this upcoming weekend.....plenty of back alley games down here! I am not even planning anything else for that weekend....only cards.

Matt and Erin are coming in town for a weekend-  We were really worried that now that Steve and Judy moved, no one would come visit.  But luckily since they are coming in town, Erin and Matt are making the drive from Oregon to come visit is going to be a great weekend.  Did I  mention it is going to be a great weekend?

Stake Conference-  We are so lucky to have Elder Holland coming in town.  I guess he is here to visit friends or family (not sure the reason) And we are so blessed to have another Stake Conference to hear him speak.  I am looking forward to feel the spirit that will be felt in that room. 

Getting my house back in order-  James has been such a great husband/father and has taken up the slack that I couldn't do.  But I am looking forward to be able to clean my house and get things in order the way I  like them.  Thank you James!  I am so blessed to have you as my husband.

Seeing this little bundle of joy-  Still can't get over the fact that Tara is a mom, I want to go and hold baby Eva and see Taras new house....but in my shape, it is for the best I stay away for a few more days....But I can't wait!

I am off to go lay back down, I am spent.