Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taste testing

It is no secret that Gabe has some "nerdy" characteristics....I mean, the fact that he starts almost every conversation with "Did you know...." followed with a bit of information that you probably have never heard. And when he isn't playing he has his nose in a book, for a while his favorite book was a dictionary that he called "his missionary book" haha
So my wonderful son has been looking at a book at school all about weird fruits.  He tells us all about them everyday and some sort of fact about each one.
So I went to the store and bought some of the weirdest fruits that I could find, especially ones that he has never had and we tried each one.
We loved it...he loved it.....and wants to do it again and again

Here is what our fruit basket consisted of:
**for more information, click the names of the fruits**

a little tiny mini-me orange
Gabe's review: They were so so so so sour, but I liked dipping them in sugar
Nolan's: I liked the juice from them

Gabe: Not so good
Nolan: I loved it!!

Gabe:  Tastes like cucumber and it wasn't good
Nolan: I don't remember

Gabe: Good! was so so so good! and I like them because they are sweetish sour
Nolan: I like them and I like the skin on it (??)

 The weirdest fruit we tried, had a prickly outside and greenish goo seeds inside
Gabe: I like the seeds, and the juice is really good.  It is funny because you can slurp them or lick them
Nolan: he would not try this because of the weird texture

I was looking for guava and some other fruits, but they must not have them around right now, this was such a fun experiment and I think I may pick up more Kiwano fruit next time.
I encourage everyone to try this! what a fun family home evening!