Monday, June 22, 2009

****SIGH***** it is finally done
a weeks worth of sugar, marshmallow, big messes and lots of painting is over
and it resulted in what I believe is the best cake HEATHER and I have made together
*A quick story on the couple, they both work with James out at was very much a Jim/Pam relationship from the office (He liked her, she had a boyfriend, break up from boyfriend, date for a few years and then they get engaged)...and now they are finally married. It was out on their property, it was a beautiful wedding with great food, and the bride was the prettiest I think I have seen her (but then again, I don't think I have ever seen her out of her camo work clothes!)

Congrats Dustin and Katie!

It got there safe!! Probably the bumpiest rides of my life. And right when we left the house as we were getting onto the free way, a truck RIGHT IN FRONT OF US blew its tire! Talk about stressful
The back of the cake
Ahhhh, we are done....good job Heather!
James and I were able to stay for the wedding since he is friends with the bride and groom. They had a roast pig with ribs, chicken, potato salad, IT WAS VERY TASTY
James and I are big fans of the Travel channel's Bizarre foods, James always talks about sucking the marrow out of the bones when we eat chicken wings since "but that's what the guy would do off of bizarre foods"
So once James saw that roast pig......there was a glimmer in his eye.....he had to eat the EAR. I tried to talk him out of it....his coworkers were behind him all the way.
Here is the pig ear eating adventure in pictures
**Look! he is so excited to have gotten the pig ear. I haven't seen a smile that big for a long time**
(There is earwax looking stuff in the middle there, and some hair)
**MMM That is a big bite James! Uhhh, I think he just ate the part with the earwax.....**
**Not as good as he thought it would be.....he didn't take another bite**
I love my husband...I love that he loves to try new things....even if it is a pigs ear, he makes me laugh everyday
The end

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I will be back next week

But here is what we have been up to for the past five weeks that has been keeping me away from the beloved "Blog World"
Lots of new recipes ** will post them next week**
(Dark Chocolate muffins...and they are oil, sugar and uses whole wheat flour and 60% dark chocolate chips)

James had his surgery on his neck...a 3 inch incision across his neck, 1 dented Adams apple...and a cyst that was 98% fluid, so we are happy.
**here are the boys playing "doctor" on James the night after his surgery**
Lots of picnics (and yes, Gabe is eating mustard with his chicken...he eats it on anything...ketchup grosses his out)
Lots of family visiting...This is me with my Grandma Lita, she is 91 years old and such an awesome woman, I look up to her in so many ways and hope to be half as strong as she is...what an inspiration!
Lots and lots and lots of golf! Gabe starts golf lessons next week!!Fun trips to the park
And some not so fun trips to the park
More new recipes **will post them next week**
(Chocolate Coconut cake...tastes JUST LIKE a hostess snoball)
Trips to walk around the temple and admire its beauty
Fort making, popcorn eating movie watching extravaganzas
and a Preschool graduation!! I can't believe I have a child who is in kindergarten!!
Gabe enjoyed this past year so much...he learned so much and had AMAZING teachers...he is already asking when he can go back
So....5 weeks in a nutshell.......
This next week is going to be very very busy as well. Heather and I have a wedding cake to do and we are making 70ish handmade sugar flowers **picture below** to go on a 4 tier cake for this upcoming Saturday. Wish us luck!! woohoo!!
See you next week!!! :)